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    The publishing of research results based on Yemen-NSPMS microdata is permitted in communications such as scholarly papers, journals and the like. The authors of these communications are required to cite UNICEF and the IPC-IG as the source of the microdata, and to indicate that the results and views expressed are those of the author. Users are requested to provide a full citation of the dataset for any publications resulting from their work with these data. Citation: UNICEF and IPC-IG. Yemen National Social Protection Monitoring Survey: Version 1. Brasília: International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, 2014.

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    The IPC-IG's decision not to alter the contents of the data files means that the user of these files will need to take care in handling missing observations, outliers, implausible values and violations of logical consistency. *

    Information that would allow survey respondents to be identified has been deleted from the files, but all other information remains. While great effort was made to obtain high-quality data, the accuracy or reliability of the data is not guaranteed or warranted in any way.

    The IPC-IG may occasionally want to receive feedback from users who downloaded Yemen-NSPMS data on how the data have been used, analysed and/or disseminated.
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